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Who is the Creative Toucan?

Jenny and Estelle from The Creative Toucan

A few years ago Estelle, put her hands on illustration softwares and made her first poster that summarized her time in the beautiful city of Vancouver, where she was living at that time. To be honest with you, she did that because her partner Jenny was away for a few weeks and she was bored as hell...

Then they travelled to New Zealand and Estelle made a few more posters along with learning more about illustration. I guess travelling the World inspires her.

Now Jenny and Estelle are settled in the UK, and their home is full of frames and illustrations of all kinds. 

Family members and friends told them they liked the prints and many of them wanted to buy some. So they realized that maybe more people would like to hang them in their living room… that’s how The Creative Toucan was born!

Estelle is the creative mind and Jenny is the operations queen! Jenny takes care of most orders and is in touch with the outside World to spread the Toucan's love!

Oh, and we're both French, so apologies for any grammar errors you're sure to find on the website!

We hope you’ll like it. Any suggestions are welcome!